About Us


We are a handcrafted common goods shop that works in a collaborative effort on behalf of socially responsible organizations whose goods/proceeds/mission are driven to ensure the common good. Our mission is to raise awareness, act as a liaison, and be crazy awesome cheerleaders for these entrepreneurs and organizations.



Each year our shop uses campaigns to partner with Socially Responsible Organizations/Families by donating proceeds from each purchase. Because of these purchased goods, we have been able to raise over $2500 throughout our campaigns and we are just getting started. 





In the summer of 2018, Beth Nicoletto, owner of Common Good Company, lost two precious people, three weeks apart who were diagnosed with the same terminal brain cancer. During such a difficult time, her family was blessed by the hard and incredible work of Hind's Hospice in Fresno, CA and Optimal Health in Visalia, Ca.

This amazing investment into her family at such a sad and desperate time, truly left them humbled and grateful. 


We are SO excited to be able to give back to these wonderful organizations! For this Holiday season, we will be splitting the donation 50:50, to Hind's Hospice, in honor of Karen Eldredge (Beth's "second mom"), and Optimal Health in honor of Bill Bartlett (Beth's father).THANK YOU for your support of Beth and her family, along with these wonderful organizations!! 



KCAPS logoIn the Spring of 2018, you help us partner with the Kingsburg Community Assistance Programs and Services (KCAPS), located in the heart of California’s Central Valley!! KCAPS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-denominational Christian Ministry dedicated to helping the underprivileged citizens of Kingsburg, Traver, and London, CA by addressing specific needs such as food, clothing, housing, spiritual guidance, education, and job skills in the spirit of love and servanthood. Learn more about KCAPS HERE. Thank you for your support!




In the Summer of 2017, you partnered with us to help raise financial support and awareness for a local family in the middle of their domestic infant adoption journey. Together, we were able to raise over $1100! Feel free to check out their adoption story HERE.







In 2016, you partnered with us to help support an amazing local organization called City Without Orphans in Fresno, CA. Together, we helped raise $750 in just 3 months! For more information about City Without Orphans, CLICK HERE



Downs Family

In 2015, you partnered with us to help raise support and awareness for a local family for their international adoption of their two sons from Uganda. Together, we helped raise over $500 to offset their adoption costs. Woohoo!